Birthright Shores

A day in Pashact

After learning at the castle that Justina is expected back the following day, the group returns to the town of Pashact to wait.

Delwin (Mike) and Neti Vortaline teach each other a new spell. Delwin learns Phantasmal Force, and is eager to try it out at the first opportunity.

Quint (Nick) goes off into the woods, where he lures a raccoon with some bread and cheese, and then successfully befriends it.

Liliwyn Fairweather spends most of the afternoon recovering from being knocked unconscious and slashed in the shoulder. She does get in a little sling practice, though.

Witlo Hillburrow is given three items (necklace, bracelet, dagger) by Fin to sell and see how Witlo does. He does ok Fin seem neither impress or discouraged by the prices he gets.

In the evening, most of the group (minus Neti) gather at the local tavern. Liliwyn questions a castle guard about Justine’s … problem. He tells her that the banshee curse started about 20 years ago, and coincided with the death of Justine’s husband. He didn’t know anything about her late husband, but suggested a few folks who might, including the wizard of Ruelgard (spelling help?), and …. Justine’s prime minister guy, whose name I forget….

Fflur has attracted quite a crowd to the tavern with her music. Delwin sees his opportunity to test out his new spell. He quietly requests Fflur to play a well-known ballad about a great war against a dragon. As she plays, wisps of light begin to pour out of her lute. When she reaches the climax of the song, an illusionary dragon made of light suddenly appears in the middle of the room. Chaos ensues. People flee the tavern. The dragon disappears almost instantly, but the damage is done. Most of the crowd leaves the tavern, muttering about bad taste and rotten jokes. The innkeeper marches up to Fflur and Fin, berating them for ruining his custom for the night. Delwin skulks in the corner.

Later, Fin confronts Neti, accusing her of using her Phantasmal Force spell at the tavern. Confused, she tells him that she hadn’t even been at the tavern that night. But, she notes, she did teach that spell to her cousin earlier that day. Fin turns his wrathful gaze on Delwin. Delwin confesses, but protests that he didn’t mean to cause a panic, just create a fun spectacle.

Quint, who had been in the tavern during the fateful song, managed to keep his raccoon calm and get it outside before it hurt anyone. He spends the night out of doors with it.

The others retire to a room in the inn. Witlo climbs out onto the roof, and sees … the stars.


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