Belinda Ehrsdottal

Regent of Treucht


The Lawmaker of Treucht, Belinda Ehrsdottal, considers herself guardian and guide to her people. Treucht’s population in thinner than most of the Basin realms, but the communication network between small settlements and the capital is second to none. Belinda, a beautiful half-elf in her prime, is in position to rule Treucht for many year to come….if nothing sinister happens. considers herself.

Belinda may be the first true regent Treucht has ever had. Whyen the realm became independent of Muden during Massenmarch’s Sceptre Uprising nearly 100 years ago, Belinda’s mother fortified the realm but never really became a law holder. When Belinda came of age, she gained control of some of the law in the region and began to civilize the area little by little. Treucht maintains its independence through Belinda and Thelma’s efforts.

Belinda Ehrsdottal

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