Quint (Nick)


Level: 4

STR: 9 , DEX 8: , CON: 14 , INT: 13 , WIS: 17 , CHA: 12 (+1?)

Alignment: Chaotic good

Origin: Treucht

Major spheres for spells: all animal, elemental, healing, plant, summoning, weather

Minor spheres for spells: divination, protection, travelers

*Special: 30% resistance to sleep and charms, disease, and aging (no percentage for aging or does the 30% include it as well?), elven night vision, hide in shadows, move silently, animal empathy as ranger 3 levels higher.

Blooded ability: (Minor bloodline of Masela) Protection from evil, can’t be charmed by evil creatures or domination*

Proficiencies: non-weapon proficiencies with warrior groups.
Tracking as a 1st level ranger, Religion – free, survival, artistic ability, weather sense, animal lore, animal empathy, animal training, longbow, hunting


Quint (Nick)

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