Hap Prechlen Thelma est Chauchen

Priestess of Treucht Chauchen


Hap Prechlen Thelma est Chauchen established her own religion in Treucht many years ago. She temporarily forsook her wizardly powers and became a priestess. Now, her combined abilities keep Treucht safe from its enemies. Her Treucht Chauchen co-exists peacefully with the Old Father of Forests.

Thelma is a mystery. Until she married an elf from the Coulladaraight (whose name and heritage are unknown), she was a talented, if reclusive, wizard. She spent some years wandering the forest with her husband; among those who know her, no doubt exists that he helped formulate her current attitude toward Treucht, the forest, and the gods of Cerilia.

No one knows the fate of Thelma’s husband, but shortly after Belinda was born, he disappeared. A few years later, Thelma took up the priesthood of the Treucht Chauchen (the church of and for Treucht) and abolished the marketing of “her” forest. the last of the guild holdings were finally removed in the spring of last year.

When last seen by human eyes, she had already begun her transformation into an ehrshegh and appeared as a creature of translucence and light. She has come to be known of Aurichlacht (the golden light)

Hap Prechlen Thelma est Chauchen

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