Geography of the world


The world of Aebrynis has at least four known continents, the frozen continent of Thaele, the continent of Djapar to the southeast, the great southern continent of Aduria, and Cerilia, the location of the actual Birthright campaign.

Cerilia itself is divided into five regions: Anuire, Rjurik, Brechtür, Khinasi, and Vosgaard, each named after the primary human group that first settled there.

Anuire is in the southwest portion of Cerilia. To its south are the Straits of Aerele, which separate Cerilia from Aduria. To the west lies the Sea of Storms (Miere Rhuann) and to the east the Gulf of Coeranys. The river Maesil forms a great highway through the heartlands of Anuire. Generally a temperate climate similar to Western Europe. Conceptually similar to England during the War of the Roses.

Rjurik is in the northwest of Cerilia. Large expanses of sparsely settled pine forests dominate this region. The climate and culture are modeled on Scandinavia and the Celts.

Brechtür is in the central north of Cerilia. The Great Bay almost separates Cerilia in half. The nations of Brechtür lie on the shores of the Great Bay. These realms are very mountainous and travel by ship is almost always preferred to overland routes. Conceptually similar to the Hanseatic League.

Khinasi is in the southeast of Cerilia, has arid plains, rugged mountains, many islands, and desert. Conceptually similar to Moorish Spain and Arabia.

Vosgaard is located in the northeast of Cerilia and is also known as the Heartless Wastes. The land is frigid and unforgiving. Conceptually similar to the Rus.

Geography of the world

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