Birthright Shores

Back to the Burrows

The group has one day in Poden, before Fin intends to travel via the river back to the Burrows.

During that day, Delwin uses a Summoning Scroll given to him by a servant of the Greencloak. When he does, a woman appears suddenly out of a side alley, and invites him to meet with Rheulaan Greencloak, the wizard of Rheulgard. He and his cousin, Neti, accept her offer. They follow the woman into what looks like a shack. At the back is a strange hole in the wall, somewhat fuzzy around the edges. The woman walks through it and disappears. Delwin and Neti follow. Immediately, the shack disappears, as does the portal they walked through. They find themselves in a comfortable sort of library/study room. The woman leaves them there, coming back a short time later with the wizard himself.

Rheulaan explains that he watches over and seeks to protect Rheulgard and some of the neighboring areas. He offers to take them on as apprentices and teach them whatever they wish to learn, as long as they agree to two terms: be open to all schools of magic (including the odious-to-elves branch of necromancy), and assist him in protecting and collecting information in his domain. The two thank him for his offer, and promise to think about it and come to learn when they have a month or two to stay. He gives them another Summoning Scroll, and bids them goodbye.

They exit through the same sort of hazy-edged portal, and find themselves back in a nearby alleyway in Poden.

Meanwhile, Liliwyn find her way down to the docks, where she asks around for anyone who might have known her late grandfather. One of the stevedores has heard her grandfather’s name, and gives her the names of three people back in Muden who might have known him.

Witlo, on Fin’s orders, spends the day wandering the town, listening for any interesting news. He hears rumors of discontent against the elves — Fin excepted. In the evening, while out for a stroll, he (literally) runs into the mayor of Poden. He asks him for news, and learns that Poden is not on great terms with neighboring Pashacht, nor with elves in general.

The group passes the rest of their stay in Poden uneventfully, and returns together to the Burrows the following day.

Trade Agreement

In the morning, the group learns that Justina has returned to Pashact. They are escorted to the castle, and shown into the little-used throne room, where Justina awaits them. Delwin (Mike) makes the mistake of whistling aloud at the Banshegh’s beauty, an indiscretion that earns him a reprimand from Fin.

Fin states the terms of his proposed trade agreement between Pashact and the Burrows; Justina accepts without haggling. The group heads back to town, all except Delwin. Delwin stays behind with Justina’s advisor, the wizard Gastus, who attempts to teach him a new spell. He fails to learn the spell, and returns to the group chagrined.

Fin and his crew, including Witlo, spend the rest of the morning in trade, preparing to leave. The others restock on provisions and ready themselves to go as well. In the process, Delwin uses his Detect Magic spell to find a magic scroll at the marketplace. He buys it for a pittance, along with two badly drawn maps.

Quint packs up his pet raccoon and heads off on his own toward Poden, hoping to learn more about the strange blue stone he found on the goblin.

The others follow on the road to Poden a few hours later.

Quint encounters no trouble on the journey, only passing one traveller: an armored knight on his way to Pashact. The knight questions Quint about the city, and goes on his way.

The others meet the same knight, greet him, and pass by.

Quint and his raccoon pass a peaceful night in the forest before arriving in Poden the next day.

The others have their night’s sleep disturbed by huge spiders. Delwin frightens a few off with his sling when he first hears them in the trees. Most of the spiders run away at once; two attack the camp. They, too, run away when Neti Vortaline casts Phantasmal Force to make the fire and torches blaze brighter.

The next day, they all reach Poden safely.

A day in Pashact

After learning at the castle that Justina is expected back the following day, the group returns to the town of Pashact to wait.

Delwin (Mike) and Neti Vortaline teach each other a new spell. Delwin learns Phantasmal Force, and is eager to try it out at the first opportunity.

Quint (Nick) goes off into the woods, where he lures a raccoon with some bread and cheese, and then successfully befriends it.

Liliwyn Fairweather spends most of the afternoon recovering from being knocked unconscious and slashed in the shoulder. She does get in a little sling practice, though.

Witlo Hillburrow is given three items (necklace, bracelet, dagger) by Fin to sell and see how Witlo does. He does ok Fin seem neither impress or discouraged by the prices he gets.

In the evening, most of the group (minus Neti) gather at the local tavern. Liliwyn questions a castle guard about Justine’s … problem. He tells her that the banshee curse started about 20 years ago, and coincided with the death of Justine’s husband. He didn’t know anything about her late husband, but suggested a few folks who might, including the wizard of Ruelgard (spelling help?), and …. Justine’s prime minister guy, whose name I forget….

Fflur has attracted quite a crowd to the tavern with her music. Delwin sees his opportunity to test out his new spell. He quietly requests Fflur to play a well-known ballad about a great war against a dragon. As she plays, wisps of light begin to pour out of her lute. When she reaches the climax of the song, an illusionary dragon made of light suddenly appears in the middle of the room. Chaos ensues. People flee the tavern. The dragon disappears almost instantly, but the damage is done. Most of the crowd leaves the tavern, muttering about bad taste and rotten jokes. The innkeeper marches up to Fflur and Fin, berating them for ruining his custom for the night. Delwin skulks in the corner.

Later, Fin confronts Neti, accusing her of using her Phantasmal Force spell at the tavern. Confused, she tells him that she hadn’t even been at the tavern that night. But, she notes, she did teach that spell to her cousin earlier that day. Fin turns his wrathful gaze on Delwin. Delwin confesses, but protests that he didn’t mean to cause a panic, just create a fun spectacle.

Quint, who had been in the tavern during the fateful song, managed to keep his raccoon calm and get it outside before it hurt anyone. He spends the night out of doors with it.

The others retire to a room in the inn. Witlo climbs out onto the roof, and sees … the stars.

The Beginning
Festival - Wolves

Magic in the Coullabhie
Back home in the Coullabhie, Neti Vortaline (an elf played by Suzanne) and Delwin (an elf played by Mike and Neti’s cousin) are practicing their spells. Delwin has a better handle on his spells whereas Neti ends up covering her instructor in grease after casting her grease spell. Fin Haeaelfyn (Neti’s uncle a half-elf) approaches Neti and Delwin to see if they would like to accompany him to a festival that he was invited to at Ambles-on-Hillsfair in the Burrows (where many Halflings live). They agree and travel together to the festival.

Festival at Ambles-on-Hillsfair
At the festival Fin wins the archery contest and Witlo Hillburrow (a halfling played by Tyson) wins the wrestling contest. During the feast, Witlo notices a symbol on Fin’s satchel and approaches him to ask where he got it. Fin mentions that he got it in Muden. The two continue conversing and eventually, Witlo inquires about assisting Fin on a journey… Witlo hinting at payment of the satchel. Fin agrees but under the circumstance that Witlo can pass a test to prove his value. They all walk south down to the woods near the river and Fin goes and hides. Witlo successfully tracks and finds Fin along with a coin Fin had placed along the way.

Trade with Pashact
While in the Burrows, Fin talks with Jollid Innkeeper about establishing a safe trade route with Pashacht. Jollid was hesitant but eventually agrees. The group prepares to leave the next day and Witlo packs and says goodbye to his family and friends. Witlo ends up borrowing his brother’s pony for the trip.

Departure to Pashact
Some of Fin’s help arrive, Gavin a fighter and Fflur a bard. On the way the group runs into a small human settlement who first notice Witlo but then notice the elves with him and come out with pitchforks but do not engage the group. When the group arrives for the night at Blackmoor, Fin is surprised to see guards posted at the city edge. He talks to the guards and learns they are having a wolf problem. They take up lodging at the local inn where Witlo meets some of the locals, one of which is the town drunk and learns a bit more about the wolves. Apparently, the wolves appeared to the area quite suddenly, are acting a bit strangely as if they are searching for something, and they had never had much activity in the area prior. Delwin and Witlo go out for an evening stroll to see if they can learn more about the wolves or perhaps kill one. They end up running into Gwain who arrived in town just after the wolves and claims to be helping fend them off. Witlo questions Gwain and uses his Detect Lie ability and learns that he is lying about his involvement and from what Witlo gathers, is most likely controlling the wolves or is at least the reason why they are there.

Departing Blackmoor
In the morning, they meet Quint (a half-elf played by Nick) at the inn who is traveling in the same direction as they are. He tells the group of a glowing blue rock that is guiding him however when he shows them, it is no longer glowing. The group finds him to be amusing and allows him to join them.

Two travelers, an unidentified man and Liliwyn Fairweather (a halfling played by Christine) who was hired to protect him on his journey are traveling from Muden to Poden . While on the road they are ambushed by 15 men, the man she is protecting is shot and killed with an arrow when he tries to make an escape on his horse, and Liliwyn is knocked unconscious.

As the group approaches along the very same road, Witlo notices a group of people up ahead and signals to Fin. Fin warns the people to stop but they instead charge them and four men also attack from behind. The group defeats 12 men with the help of Neti who casts her Phantasmal Force spell to make it look like wolves appear to attack the men. The group kills all the men and only Liliwyn, Delwin, and Gavin are injured. During the fight, Delwin loses his horse due to Neti’s running into his and both Witlo (starts to track but fails keep track) and Quint (gets distracted looking at clouds) fail to track to recover it. One of the attackers, who seemed to be the leader of the men, was on a horse which the group was able to capture for Liliwyn (her pony ran off) and Delwin to share. After inspecting the bodies, the group recovers 180 gold (22.5 gold piece per person) from the bodies, however unknown to the group Witlo pockets an extra 20 gold piece to himself. Additionally, Liliwyn recovers a glowing blue stone off one of the men which provides Quint with more credibility and peaks his interested. Liliwyn decides to continue on with the group, perhaps since they protected her and possibly saved her life.

Arrive at Pashact
When the group arrives at Pashact, they go straight to the castle which is located outside the town. The group is instructed to leave their weapons outside, however Neti and Witlo attempt to sneak in their’s but are caught and their weapons are taken and left with the others. Once inside, the group learns that Justina (aka the Banshegh) is out of town so the group heads to town to take up lodging for the night in hopes to make a trade agreement when she returns.


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