Birthright Shores

Back to the Burrows

The group has one day in Poden, before Fin intends to travel via the river back to the Burrows.

During that day, Delwin uses a Summoning Scroll given to him by a servant of the Greencloak. When he does, a woman appears suddenly out of a side alley, and invites him to meet with Rheulaan Greencloak, the wizard of Rheulgard. He and his cousin, Neti, accept her offer. They follow the woman into what looks like a shack. At the back is a strange hole in the wall, somewhat fuzzy around the edges. The woman walks through it and disappears. Delwin and Neti follow. Immediately, the shack disappears, as does the portal they walked through. They find themselves in a comfortable sort of library/study room. The woman leaves them there, coming back a short time later with the wizard himself.

Rheulaan explains that he watches over and seeks to protect Rheulgard and some of the neighboring areas. He offers to take them on as apprentices and teach them whatever they wish to learn, as long as they agree to two terms: be open to all schools of magic (including the odious-to-elves branch of necromancy), and assist him in protecting and collecting information in his domain. The two thank him for his offer, and promise to think about it and come to learn when they have a month or two to stay. He gives them another Summoning Scroll, and bids them goodbye.

They exit through the same sort of hazy-edged portal, and find themselves back in a nearby alleyway in Poden.

Meanwhile, Liliwyn find her way down to the docks, where she asks around for anyone who might have known her late grandfather. One of the stevedores has heard her grandfather’s name, and gives her the names of three people back in Muden who might have known him.

Witlo, on Fin’s orders, spends the day wandering the town, listening for any interesting news. He hears rumors of discontent against the elves — Fin excepted. In the evening, while out for a stroll, he (literally) runs into the mayor of Poden. He asks him for news, and learns that Poden is not on great terms with neighboring Pashacht, nor with elves in general.

The group passes the rest of their stay in Poden uneventfully, and returns together to the Burrows the following day.


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