Birthright Shores

Trade Agreement

In the morning, the group learns that Justina has returned to Pashact. They are escorted to the castle, and shown into the little-used throne room, where Justina awaits them. Delwin (Mike) makes the mistake of whistling aloud at the Banshegh’s beauty, an indiscretion that earns him a reprimand from Fin.

Fin states the terms of his proposed trade agreement between Pashact and the Burrows; Justina accepts without haggling. The group heads back to town, all except Delwin. Delwin stays behind with Justina’s advisor, the wizard Gastus, who attempts to teach him a new spell. He fails to learn the spell, and returns to the group chagrined.

Fin and his crew, including Witlo, spend the rest of the morning in trade, preparing to leave. The others restock on provisions and ready themselves to go as well. In the process, Delwin uses his Detect Magic spell to find a magic scroll at the marketplace. He buys it for a pittance, along with two badly drawn maps.

Quint packs up his pet raccoon and heads off on his own toward Poden, hoping to learn more about the strange blue stone he found on the goblin.

The others follow on the road to Poden a few hours later.

Quint encounters no trouble on the journey, only passing one traveller: an armored knight on his way to Pashact. The knight questions Quint about the city, and goes on his way.

The others meet the same knight, greet him, and pass by.

Quint and his raccoon pass a peaceful night in the forest before arriving in Poden the next day.

The others have their night’s sleep disturbed by huge spiders. Delwin frightens a few off with his sling when he first hears them in the trees. Most of the spiders run away at once; two attack the camp. They, too, run away when Neti Vortaline casts Phantasmal Force to make the fire and torches blaze brighter.

The next day, they all reach Poden safely.


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